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Swimpal is made of high quality hypo-allergenic PVC plastic Swimpal provides an excellent opportunity to encourage more active water time

SwimPal encourages early learning, development and regular sleeping patterns from as early as 0 months Swimpal provides complete mobility and free movement

Enjoy complete security for your baby while active in a familiar water environment

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Swimpal is designed with your well-being in mind. Our focus is on early baby activity and development through productive and independent time spent in water.

Your baby’s health and safety are our highest priorities!

Baby swimming is one of the best early activities you can offer your baby. It stimulates physical and mental development from an early age, improving core muscle development and coordination.

Baby swimming encourages physical activity that cannot be compared to at the first months of age. This is a time when your baby can’t even roll over by himself, let alone support him or herself upright. In the water the baby is nearly weightless and free to move about as he or she wishes. What a great opportunity to explore and develop from an early age!

Want your baby to be active? SwimPal will help improve your baby’s strength, balance, stamina, breathing and coordination.

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Our main office is located in Estonia

Phone: +372 512 1693

E-mail: info@swimpal.eu